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master  groomer       |       hair specialist


Born in St. Ann, Jamaica, Dillon moved to the United States when he was six years old. He credits his parents with instilling him with an impeccable work ethic. While Dillon found it difficult to find his niche in a traditional school setting and identify a career path, he thrived at artistic, hands-on projects.


He had no initial aspiration of becoming a barber, but would regularly cut his brothers' hair and his mother took notice. At his mother’s suggestion, Dillon enrolled in the Margate School of Beauty, and from there, things began falling into place. The school did not offer a barber program, so he studied cosmetology. While he had no desire to style women’s hair, he excelled and immediately stood out as a student with great potential. Recognizing the rarity of his skills, teachers gladly mentored him, advising him in both the artistry and business acuity of personal grooming.  The rest is history, today that hard work and exceptional work ethic has not only birthed Dillon's Image, but it has become a staple in the Lauderhill community. 

Though it has been a journey of trial and error, Dillon has wholeheartedly thrown himself into the business of barbering and hairstyling for almost 20 years. He has worked in seven shops and intentionally has not stayed at one establishment for longer than two years.  Serving in various locations has resulted in his tremendous growth and learning.  Dillon has acquired something new and valuable at each location while overcoming innumerable challenges every step of the way. Dillon’s familiarity with catering to a diverse group of clients has allowed him to overcome cultural obstacles while simultaneously broadening his skill set.

In November of 2018, Dillon’s Image opened in Lauderhill, Florida to provide a luxury experience while helping to restore the historical significance and respect of Barbering as a profession. Dillon’s Image is home to a beautiful two-story facility, modern in style with a full menu of premier grooming services including male and female grooming, hair cutting and coloring, facials, beard sculpting, and custom cranial prosthesis, more commonly known as hair units for individuals experiencing hair loss. Aside from formal services, Dillon takes great pride in the unique experiences that his clients have come to expect. It is no accident that his establishment is a place where guests can freely socialize, laugh, relax, and leave feeling rejuvenated and inspired. Dillon’s Image is an environment of excellence where high-quality and customized service is delivered to every client, every time.

Dillon has a great vision for Dillon’s Image in the years ahead. He is thrilled to have the ongoing support of his family, including his wife and three daughters. He will soon expand to build a diverse team of barbers and stylists who share his standard of excellence and his passion for the client experience. Dillon believes that his talent and all the things he has accomplished so far are largely due to his spiritual beliefs and his willingness to allow God to lead and guide his life. He strives to be unstoppable, impactful, and influential while maintaining a spirit of humility. He purposefully teaches these values to his children, with the hope of inspiring a sense of legacy and eventually branching out to provide opportunities for other families. For Dillon and Dillon’s Image, each service is part of a greater opportunity to serve and enhance the world around him.

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