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Damion   McClymont

Visionary, Entrepreneur, and Motivational Mentor to all those around him, Damion Floyd McClymont, began his career as a professional grooming specialist at the age of 24, in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. Damion specializes in haircutting, color management, beard maintenance, facial rejuvenation, fades, brush cuts, razor cuts, wave treatment, scalp detox, and innovative designs. Damion is also considered to be of the most precise razor lineup/edge-up barbers in the industry. Currently, Damion is enjoying being a devoted husband, loving uncle to his nieces and nephews, and mentor to the young entrepreneurs in his network. No matter how old you are, with hard work, dedication, character, and mentorship you can design your life in whatever way you want. Remember, I’m an immigrant who was unsure of his life's path until the age of 24, you are the architect, feel free to design.



My name is Cristian Frias, I was born in The Dominican Republic and Raised in the South Florida area. Originally introduced to the barbershop culture at the age of 13. I started my first job sweeping the barbershop floors. By sticking around long enough I saw how the community looked up, appreciated, and respected their barber /stylist.


At the age of 13, I made the decision that I would become not just a barber but a grooming specialist in the cosmetology field. Best decision I have ever made. With great association and mentorship from other barbers, now at 20 years old, I can not only cut hair but can also perform other services for example: Scalp Detoxes, Full Black/White Head Extraction Facials, and Beard Detoxes.

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I’m always looking to expand my knowledge. I’ve attended out-of-state barber courses where I got the mindset and the keys to take myself to the next level. I’m very grateful for everything I’ve been able to accomplish up to now, but I’m even more excited about where I’m going and what’s next.

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